Frequently Asked Questions

Do you professionally sex your chickens?

Most of our pullets and chicks are professionally sexed however accuracy can be only 80%. If you do happen to get the wrong gender we are more than happy to refund or replace (subject to availability).

Can we view the parents of our chicken?

Only some will be available for you to view. Which we are also happy to send photos, videos - even facetime for you when we are with the parents. 


Q: How much does a chicken eat?

A: As much as she wants.

Are your chickens show quality?

Show quality chickens will have their own shop entry and will be unsexed as day olds. Most of our chickens are for backyard purposes however that's not to say we don't have quality stock - only that they haven't been proven in a show circuit.

How can I pay for my chickens or supplies?

Direct deposit (funds must be showing before we can hand over purchases) or you can use our very secure shopping cart system. We do not yet accept EFTPOS on-premise however are looking at implementing it, Cash Payment is only available for Pullets, Cockerels, Hens, and Roosters, unfortunately not for Day-Olds at this time.

Return, Refund, and Replacement Policies?

If your chook isn't the desired gender then upon returning the chicken to us, we will gladly fully refund or replace your unwanted chicken with the correct one (Subject to Availability). If your pullet turns out to be a rooster but you want to keep it, we will only refund the difference.