It began with the purchasing of our day-old chicks in early 2020. Trixie the Lavender Sussex, Boc Boc the Brown Leghorn, Diva the Plymouth Barred Rock & Tallulah the Black Laced Gold Wyandotte. Within a year, those four exploded into a sizable flock of hens and brooders full of newly hatched chicks!

After researching breeds and colour varieties of chicken we realised we wanted a multi flock. One of each colour, with a rainbow assortment of eggs to match. However, finding what we wanted wasn't easy and for many breeds, we realised we were going to have to hatch our own.

Over the year we sought out fertile eggs, set up our incubators, and off we went. From Frizzle Polish and Belgian d'Uccles, to Pekin Bantams and everything in between. We hatched amazing broods of little chicks that flourished in our home. But this was only the start of what was to come of our unexpected dreams and all we needed was a little bittersweet nudge.


We heard of the closing of our favourite heritage farmers Wendy and John and were saddened to not be able to get even more chickens from them too! Despite full brooders, we needed more. Our lament was not our own. Many backyard flock owners were in despair. After deep contemplation, and a lot of planning we dreamed to "Petifer" chickens and supply Sydney with quality poultry in backyards and to dedicated enthusiasts of the exotic!

We loved our chickens like our cats and dogs, their eggs were just a bonus, and seeing the joy shared on a new owner buying one of our own pullets was more fulfilling than those delicious butt nuggets. We wanted to continue the dream and although we are only considered young chicks, still learning to stand tall on our new legs - we are dedicated to both the chickens and our customers and we hope our passion is enough to stand above the rest.



We are currently in the process of renovating and selling to move onto property to live a simple life of raising livestock but best of all, if fate permits, we hope to cntinue to provide chicks to Sydney area plus fertile eggs for the entire country. 

We will like to continue with heritage chicks, and rare exotic and bantam breeds for fertile eggs. these breeds will include Belgian Bantams, Polish, Pekin, Sebright, Modern Game, Olive/Easter/Green Eggers, Naked Neck Bantams, Showgirls, Dun Project Breeds and much more!

The desire to provide quality fertile eggs came about as many breeders did not provide us pure and quality eggs. From crossbreeds to poorly packed. Hatchers deserve honest breeders.