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Araucanas are exceptionally rare and have their origins in South America, although they were developed in the US. Araucanas that meet the breed standard are rumpless and tufted. This breed is most famous for laying blue-shelled eggs. They should not be confused with Easter Eggers, which can lay blue and green eggs, and do not conform to any breed standard. However, many hatcheries continue to call their Easter Eggers "Araucanas" (or various other misspellings). If you are interested in showing your birds, make sure that you have true Araucana.


Temperament: Friendly
Category: Duel
Size: Small
Egg Colour: Light Blue
Egg Count: 150+

Egg Size: Medium

Araucana Day-Old

  • Day-Old Chicks: 1-5 Week Old Chicks, still needing heat and a safe brooder box to live in
    Pullets: 6-20 week old girls, no longer require heat but a safe henhouse and run.
    Hens: 20+ week old ladies who are currently laying or at Point of Lay.
    Cockerels: 6-20 week old boys that are not yet fertile (or are from a young age)
    Roosters: 20+ week old boys, ready to cover your hens and produce offspring.

  • If your pullet is really a rooster or your cockerel turns out to be a hen, then we offer a full refund or replacment (only on return of the culprit chook and replacement breed depending on availability)