BANTAMS VARY IN COLOUR (Call to enquire)



Mixed bantams include frizzle-bred (but straight feathered) or silkie-bred (but straight feathered/carrying silkie gene) and have any, some or all bantam breeding in their lines (including pekin, modern game, japanese, sebright or d'Uccle). Never one mixed bantam is alike.

Mixed Bantam

  • Day-Old Chicks: 1-5 Week Old Chicks, still needing heat and a safe brooder box to live in
    Pullets: 6-20 week old girls, no longer require heat but a safe henhouse and run.
    Hens: 20+ week old ladies who are currently laying or at Point of Lay.
    Cockerels: 6-20 week old boys that are not yet fertile (or are from a young age)
    Roosters: 20+ week old boys, ready to cover your hens and produce offspring.

  • If your pullet is really a rooster or your cockerel turns out to be a hen, then we offer a full refund or replacment (only on return of the culprit chook and replacement breed depending on availability)