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Pekin Bantams are special little birds, 1/2 to 1/4 the size of "standard" chickens. They come in myriad colours and feather patterns that would certainly add colour to any flock. Pekins also have the sweetest personalities, curious and friendly, and would be great children's pets. They are a British breed and it derives from birds brought to Europe from China in the nineteenth century and is named for the city of Peking where it was believed to have originated. 


Temperament: Docile, Friendly & Sweet
Category: Ornamental
Size: Bantam
Egg Colour: Cream & White
Egg Count: 90+

Egg Size: Small

Pekin Bantam

  • Day-Old Chicks: 1-5 Week Old Chicks, still needing heat and a safe brooder box to live in
    Pullets: 6-20 week old girls, no longer require heat but a safe henhouse and run.
    Hens: 20+ week old ladies who are currently laying or at Point of Lay.
    Cockerels: 6-20 week old boys that are not yet fertile (or are from a young age)
    Roosters: 20+ week old boys, ready to cover your hens and produce offspring.

  • If your pullet is really a rooster or your cockerel turns out to be a hen, then we offer a full refund or replacement (only on return of the culprit chook and replacement breed depending on availability)